A Look Back In Gratitude

Year’s end has become a time of lists—top news events, best books, memorable quotes… Having lived 2012 at full tilt with my sights on the horizon, I’ve kept no list, but my writings—
both on this blog and elsewhere—
suggest what has mattered to me and who has shared my journey.

You, Fascinating You, a dance and music-themed novel, debuted earlier this year and

went on to be named “Editor’s Choice” by the Historical Novel Society. With its publication, ballet became a focal point of my life and I was privileged to get to know dozens of dancers, some of the most disciplined, dedicated and generous people I have ever encountered.

A year ago, no one had heard of my ballerina heroine Margit Wolf; today her

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story has reached audiences across the globe from South Africa to New Zealand, from Germany to China. Caring colleagues and readers of every nationality and walk of life have made this possible.

Musicians, too, have entered my sphere in record numbers, enabling me to realize my lifelong dream of becoming a lyricist and songwriter. Hearing my words wed to a melody and performed is a thrill like no other.

Now for a confession: I’ve been leading a double life this past year, writing both under my own name and a nom de plume. This visceral shift of perspective has allowed me the freedom to explore new literary frontiers and untapped veins of inspiration, and to reach out to readers beyond my established niche. Critics love this darker and more daring alter ego; I hope you will, too. Please check back in the New Year, when all will be revealed.

What vast, rich and mysterious worlds have opened to me in 2012! How grateful I am for your company. May we grow in wisdom and, together, realize our noblest dreams.

2 Responses to 2012

  1. Vera Marie Badertscher December 21, 2012 at 10:56 am #

    It has indeed been a year filled with accomplishments for you. May the next year be similarly exciting and fulfilling.

    • Germaine Shames December 21, 2012 at 11:11 am #

      Thanks, Vera, the same to you and more. Your example has always been an inspiration.

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